Passau: protest for solidarity across the borders!

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/// Venues 14:00 ///

GERMANY: Hauptbahnhof Passau, Europaplatz
AUSTRIA: Wirt z’Moarhof, Gattern 3, 4784 Gattern

The demo trains gather on both sides of the border and meet in Passau. Subsequently joint closing rally. A shared journey by bus is organized. If interested, please contact!

/// Call for ///

We – activists from Germany and Austria – are outraged by our governments‘ plans to close borders and build more mass camps for people. It is their policy that is killing thousands of people in the Mediterranean.
CSU, AfD, ÖVP and FPÖ are forging „axes“ across Europe to push their racist agenda forward. We set a sign of international solidarity and on 15 September symbolically break the walls of the „Fortress Europe“ on the German-Austrian border near Passau.
On to Passau! Let us stand together for our welcome culture and indivisible human rights.

/// First signing ///

● Plattform für eine menschliche Asylpolitik (Ö)
● Aufstehen gegen Rassismus (D)
● Königlich Bayerische Antifa Regensburg (D)
● Vereinigung der Verfolgten des Naziregimes – Bund der Antifaschistinnen und Antifaschisten (VVN-BdA) (D)

/// Supporting (will be updated regularly) ///

If you want to support the action, write us on Facebook or!

● Antifa-Kunst e.V.
● Integrationshilfe Passau e.V.
● Königlich Bayerische Antifa
● Königlich Bayerische Antifa Memmingen
● Königlich Bayerische Gebirgsschützerinnen
● Königlich Bayerische Antifa Mühldorf am Inn
● Plattform „Willkommen in Schärding“
● SJD – Die Falken Gruppe Passau
● Sozialrevolutionäre Aktion

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