Protect human lives! Demo against Black-Blue Deportations!

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Protect human lives! Demo against Black-Blue Deportations!

Protect human lives! For a Humane Asylum Policy
Demonstration against the black-blue government’s deportation and asylum policies
Wednesday, 20 June 2018 | 18:00
Hauptbahnhof Vienna
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Protest on World Refugee Day! Bring an umbrella as a symbol of protection for refugees.

Austria will be assuming the Presidency of the Council of the European Union with the motto, “A Europe that protects”. By that the ÖVP and the FPÖ mean an expansion of “Fortress Europe”. They are prepared to accept the deaths along the refugee routes as consequence. But we, the Platform for a Humane Asylum Policy, want a Europe that protects human lives.

On a daily basis our friends are receiving rejections for their asylum applications. As a consequence, their grounds for asylum are disregarded and their human rights are systematically contravened. For those affected, this means they will also have to lead their lives in Austria in fear. Those seeking protection are being deported to regions in crisis and warzones, where they find themselves in mortal danger. The reports of deported asylum seekers who have been killed are piling up.

“It is Time” – means for the government that in future there will be no more asylum applications to the territory of the EU. But we say that “It is Time” for asylum rights that are worthy of the name, and for an end to deportations to warzones.

The Platform for a Humane Asylum Policy – a coalition of individuals wanting to show solidarity, civil society, NGOs and political organisations – therefore invites you to take the streets together with us on 20 June, World Refugee Day.

Protecting human lives means defending asylum rights and stopping deportations to warzones!