Protest: Afghanistan is not safe! Let us stay!

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Saturday, 20 May | 14.00 Uhr
U1/U2/U4 Karlsplatz, Resselpark
March to Bundeskanzleramt (Federal Chancellery)
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Route: Karlsplatz/Resselpark-Schwarzenberglatz-Ring-Löwelstraße-Ballhausplatz/Bundeskanzleramt

As refugees, as members of civil society and as political organisations, we call on you to join our demonstration against deportations on 20th May. The Austrian government should immediately withdraw from the EU-Afghanistan agreement and work to get it repealed by the EU. Everybody has the right to a life in security, wherever they live!

The European Union has made a deadly pact with the corrupt Afghan government. The country must ‘take back’ 80,000 refugees, in return for which it will receive 1.2 billion euros in ‘aid money’. This could mean up to 13,000 people being deported from Austria. We intend to resist this: forced deportation to a war-torn country puts lives at risk.

Since the beginning of the US invasion of 2001 more than 31,400 civilians have been killed. The US President Trump has further escalated the war by dropping the largest non-atomic bomb in the world on the country. The Austrian Foreign Ministry has issued a travel warning for Austrian citizens against visiting Afghanistan due to risk of ‘rocket explosions, mines and terrorist explosions’. Clearly the relevant ministers Kurz and Sobotka see a distinction between the human lives worth saving, and those not worth saving.

  • Stop all deportations! The Austrian government should decide in favour of all asylum-seekers and refugees living here and grant permanent asylum to their families.
  • We will be demonstrating on Saturday 20th May at 2pm, marching from Karlsplatz to the Bundeskanzleramt (Federal Chancellery) for a humane asylum policy!